Tradingview Auto Trading Language “PINE SCRIPT” Introduction for Absolute Beginners

What is PINE Script?

Pine Script is a programming language that is used to create technical indicators and automated trading strategies for financial markets. It is commonly used within the trading platform TradingView for creating custom studies and alerts on financial charts.

How to Use PINE Script?

To use Pine Script, you will need to have a TradingView account and be familiar with the platform’s charting and analysis tools. Once you have an account, you can access the Pine Script editor by clicking on the “New Script” button in the top menu. This will open a blank script where you can start writing your code.
There are many resources available online to help you learn Pine Script, including the TradingView documentation, tutorial videos, and community forums. It is recommended that you start with the basics of the language, such as variables, functions, and control structures, before moving on to more advanced topics like building custom indicators and strategies.
// This is a simple moving average crossover strategy in PineScript

// Set the length of the moving averages
length_fast_ma = 10
length_slow_ma = 20
// Calculate the fast and slow moving averages
fast_ma = sma(close, length_fast_ma)
slow_ma = sma(close, length_slow_ma)
// Set the strategy's entry and exit conditions
if (fast_ma > slow_ma)
strategy.entry("Long", strategy.long)
if (fast_ma < slow_ma)
strategy.exit("Exit", "Long")

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